Systems and components

Hoogendijk Electric supplies various systems of Control, including T.C.M. (Tank Control Measurement), P.M.S. (Power Management System) and A.M.P. (Alarm Monitoring & Process control). We apply the T.C.M. system to all on board fluid tanks. This can range from drinking water tanks to high-pressure liquid gases. The P.M.S. systems are custom configured in accordance with the set-up and the energy needs. Whether this concerns a P.T.I. (Power Take In) and/or a P.T.O. (Power Take Out) in combination with various generators, we can provide many options.

The A.M.P. can have a modular design and can be equipped with alarms, monitors and process controls for a whole range of ship installations. We recently applied this to a Trailing suction hopper dredger.

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