2x Eco-Coaster

2016-2017 Eeva / Mirva VG

On order of the Royal Bodewes shipyard, we equipped two eco coasters with electrical installations. The provision was comprised of, among others, an expansive Power Management System (PMS) with Power Take In mode (PTI) and Power Take Out mode (PTO). By of the PTI, we were able to add 800 kW with 2 generators to the propulsion in order to reach the required ice-class. Both generators fed the PTI engine by way of two-rail system. At the same time, the electrical board is powered by an Active Front End (AFE). It was also made to possible to sail only on electricity in case the main engine was not available. Both ships were built on order of VG Shipping in Finland.

Gross Tonnage: 3405

Deadweight: 5019 t

Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 103m × 13.6m

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