Inland shipping gas tanker

2014 Sirocco

On order of Chemgas Barging shipping company, we equipped an inland-tanker with a complete electrical installation.  The ship was equipped with a duel-fuel engine which is capable of running on both LNG and gasoline. It is one of the first inland vessels to use LNG as fuel. The process control for powering the gas in the LNG tank was developed in collaboration with MSN (Marine Service Noord).  With the aid of a LNG pump and a gas condition unit, gas is made out of the liquid LNG. The gas has the right conditions for the main engine and the generators. These run on low pressure whereby the gas comes straight out of the gas cap of the tank. The advantage to this is that the tank pressure does not increase to prevent a boil-offs. With boil-offs, the pressure in the tank is high whereby it must release gas. Hoogendijk Electric was asked to supply the entire electrical installation, including tank and deadweight measurement.

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